Worcester Bosch Boiler Problems

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Boiler breakdowns are always a pain and can occur at the most inconvenient time!

This guide will assist with the most common issues that can take place with a Worcester Bosch boiler, enabling identifying the cause and providing some troubleshooting suggestions to overcome the issue.

Low boiler pressure

As water is heated inside the boiler it expands which in turn increases the pressure within the boiler. The pressure will naturally rise and fall when the boiler is in use however the pressure will usually remain between 1 and 2 bars.

Should the pressure dip below 1 bar the boiler won’t be able to function appropriately. Should low pressure issues continue, this can cause damage to the internal parts of the boiler and therefore to prevent this, the boiler is programmed to shut down.

It is common for Worcester Bosch boilers to lose pressure over time however this will be a slow process due to wear and tear on the parts inside the boiler. Should the pressure drop suddenly there could be a leak in the system. In this scenario, do not try to re-pressurise the system yourself, and seek the advice of a qualified heating engineer.

Checking and Increasing the boiler pressure

Worcester Bosch boilers feature a pressure gauge which indicates the current pressure levels inside the boiler.

Should the pressure reading be below 1 bar, additional pressure can be manually added to the system by the use of the pressure taps, which often are located underneath the boiler. Always check the manufacturer’s manual to locate the taps and confirm the correct process of making pressure adjustments.

No hot water

Unfortunately experiencing no hot water from a boiler is a tricky issue to troubleshoot and therefore, in this case, contact a qualified heating engineer for assistance in restoring the hot water.

Leaking Boiler (Error code EA338 or A281)

A leaking boiler will require immediate care and attention to avoid or minimise damage to the internal parts of the boiler, such as water damage to electrical components.

A leak could occur due to many issues including the failure of an internal boiler part. Should you spot or suspect a leak from your boiler, turn off the power and water supply. Never try to fix a leak yourself! Always contact a qualified professional who can resolve the issue safely.

Noisy Boiler

Boilers will often make low level noises when running such as clicking and humming as well as water flow noises however should the noise level pick up, it could be a sign that something is wrong.

However, it is worth taking time to locate the noise, ensuring that the noise is originating from the boiler unit itself and not the pipework or radiators. If the noise is not coming from the boiler directly, there could be airlocks in the system and therefore the first approach would be to bleed the radiators.

Banging noises from the boiler can indicate debris within the system, faulty thermostats or water pressure issues. Should the latter two issues be eliminated, it may be suggested that a system is flushed by a professional engineer to remove limescale and debris from the pipework and system.

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Boiler Lock out (Error code EA227)

Worcester Bosch boilers have an inbuilt safety mechanism to shut down when a fault is detected. This feature protects both the property and the internal boiler parts from further damage should the issue escalate.

Error codes are often provided in the window of the boiler identifying the issue. Common error codes for Worcester Bosch boilers can be found online.

The boiler will lockout for many issues such as a detected blocked flue, insufficient supply issues, sensor issues, pressure issues or failed parts and therefore unless a specific error code is provided by the boiler, identification of the underlying issue should only be undertaken by a qualified professional.

Condensate Pipe Blocked (Error code EA225 or D5)

All condensing boilers feature a condensate pipe which enables any excess gases and wastewater to leave the property safely.

A common issue is that the external condensate pipe can freeze during the colder months, causing a blockage which in turn will shut down the boiler. When this happens, the fastest method to get the boiler back up and running again is to apply heat sources directly to the frozen area such as pouring over boiled water or by the use of storage heaters to thaw out the frozen pipe.

Boiler Overheating

Most boilers will omit a little heat when in operation, however, if this is excessive or if the boiler is too hot to touch, there could be a more serious issue.

Many factors can cause a boiler to overheat such as a faulty fan or pump, blocked condensate pipes or limescale causing a blockage on the heat exchanger.

However, apart from the troubleshooting that can be tried for a blocked condensate pipe caused by ice, most of the other possible causes will require immediate assistance from a qualified professional due to the technical knowledge required.

When should a boiler be replaced?

Although boilers are an expensive household purchase, unfortunately, due to their constant use and therefore the level of wear and tear they endure, boilers only tend to last between 8-10 years. After which repairs can become very costly and frequent, and therefore replacing the boiler will often be considered.

Replacing a boiler can provide benefits. New modern systems are often more energy-efficient resulting in savings in energy bills, whilst also certain models on the market also provide technology enabling the heating system to be operated remotely via a smart app.

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Warranties and Insurance

Most Worcester Bosch boilers are provided with a minimum of a 2-year warranty. Should any boiler problems be incurred during the warranty period, contact the manufacturer in the first instance for assistance.

Once warranties have expired, boiler insurance can be considered offering a service package and some protection against certain boiler problems, however, always check the fine print with such policies as there are often a number of exemptions.

Worcester Bosch Boiler Problems Final Words

Whilst some common, basic issues can be resolved with limited boiler knowledge and experience by following the troubleshooting hints within this article, should there be any doubts or concerns always seek the advice of a qualified professional when experiencing issues with a boiler.

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