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Installing a new boiler can be a pricey unexpected expense, however, there are benefits from installing a new system such as improved efficiencies which can reduce energy bills.  Even so, the overall price and value for money of any new system will still be of high interest before investing.

When installing a new boiler there will also be additional costs other than just the boiler itself such as fitting costs. Fitting costs will vary depending on the type of boiler being installed as well as the previous type that was in situ.

If the type of boiler differs or the location the boiler is installed is required to move changes may be required to the current heating system to accommodate the new boiler.

Before researching and opting for a preferred brand, boiler make and model, system requirements must be established depending on the property and usage requirements.

There are four typical boiler types:

  • Combination boilers – A boiler type that provides heating and hot water direct from the mains, without the need for a water tank. Combination boilers are often most suitable for smaller sized properties depending on the inhabitant’s usage.  Combination boilers do require a suitable level of water pressure to operate effectively and therefore this would be worth checking before making a final selection.
  • Oil boilers – Oil fired boilers come in two types; heat only or combination boilers which also will heat a tank of water. Oil boilers tend to be fairly expensive to purchase and install however they can be energy efficient as they recycle the waste gas.  Accessibility of fuel should be considered as oil needs to be delivered to run the system.
  • System boilers – System boilers are a non-open valve system and require a water storage cylinder to be accommodated. System boilers traditionally are more expensive than combination boilers to install however have a reputation for reliability.
  • Back boilers – A back boiler unit is fitted behind a fireplace providing heating and hot water. Back boilers are often found in older properties and are considered very inefficient.  Locating parts for failed back boilers is very tricky due to the out of date type of system, and therefore back boilers are often replaced with other types of boilers.

The type of boiler is often determined to the system requirements.  Often a property owner will look to replace an aged system with a new boiler of the same type, reducing the need to make significant changes to the entire system to accommodate a boiler type change. Should there be any doubt or confusion regarding the best type of boiler for your property, seek advice from a heating engineer.

Boiler replacement costs

The are many variables when it comes to boiler pricing and fitting costs and therefore unfortunately comparing ‘off the shelf’ boilers is not an option.  Tailored quotes will be required which are often tricky to compare, however, generally, installation costs will largely depend on:

  • The type of boiler required
  • The brand of boiler chosen
  • The model of boiler selected
  • The fitting costs needed including any system changes and tank requirements

 Other considerations when purchasing a new boiler include; the quality of the boiler, the reputation of the brand including their aftercare and the duration of a manufacturer warranty.

There are an array of companies that will compete to install a boiler system, providing a quick quote, prompt service and aftersales including servicing packages.

Although this installation method can be attractive, especially if payment plans are offered, do be wary of these companies as sometimes they are considerably more expensive.  Shopping around can seem daunting however we have done some of the leg work for you.

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Worcester Bosch boilers

Worcester Bosch is a very well-known and long-established brand and is often considered the best within the boiler industry.

The company was formed in 1962 in the UK, originally named Worcester. Over time the company have grown and developed, acquiring other companies, until 1992 when negotiations ended for Worcester to join the Bosch Group.

The combination of British and German engineering expertise has resulted in Worcester Bosch becoming a market leader with a strong reputation, regularly winning industry awards.  Worcester Bosch’s products are deemed very reliable and energy-efficient and therefore their boilers are often very popular.

Worcester Bosch offers a wide selection of boilers suitable for gas, propane and oil fuel types.  Their range includes combi-boilers, system boilers as well as regular boilers.

The full range including detailed product overviews can be found on the company’s comprehensive website.  There is also a very useful tool to find the best Worcester Bosch product for the type of property and requirements.

Once the boiler suitable for the property and usage requirements is chosen, Worcester Bosch offers a simplified installation process directly from their website. An installation can be organised online by searching for a local Worcester Bosch accredited installer to complete the installation and submitting a quick and easy enquiry.

Worcester excels both by offering long warranties, typically between 5 and 12 years as well as providing a high standard of aftercare to its customers including the provision of a technical helpline, online troubleshooting tools, frequency asked questions, helpful online videos as well as downloadable product manuals and guides straight from their website.

The higher quality product and customer service offered by Worcester Bosch also increase the price tag of their boilers.  Typically, a Worcester Bosch boiler costs between £1,900 to £2,600 including fitting.

Wondering what the best boiler brands are? Then check out our review of the best combi boilers to install in the UK.

Worcester Boiler Prices Fitted Summary

Purchasing a new boiler can be a costly expense however by installing high quality, energy-efficient boiler from Worcester Bosch, energy savings can be achieved along with the peace of mind that a reliable product has been installed.

Worcester Bosch’s excellent aftersales service can also provide reassurance that any troubleshooting is at your fingertips either online or via the phone.

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