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Viessmann, a world-renowned German boiler manufacturer, offers an assorted range of high-quality domestic boilers with models that are guaranteed to suit any buyer, with regards to their specifications and price.

Every boiler that Viessmann offers is manufactured to be long-lasting and robust while employing cutting edge technology to provide users with an all-around reliable and efficient boiler for their homes.

They’ve proven themselves as a trustworthy brand, as having since been founded in 1917, they still win awards such as the German Design Award and the Red Dot Award for their boiler designs. On top of that, they even sponsor Huddersfield Town Football Club to show their investment in the UK.

Their high-quality range includes boilers of all types: combi, system and open vent boilers are available with a large price range between £794 and £6,188!
(bearing in mind that this price range does include VAT but not installation fees).

If your budget sits somewhere in that price range, and you are looking for a high-end boiler that’s going to suit your home, read on and find out about the Viessmann boiler prices so that you can find out which Viessmann model is right for your home!

Viessmann Combi Boiler Prices

Combi boilers are the largest range of boilers Viessmann offers, and as a result, have the largest price range. Regardless of the price though, they are all high performance and state of the art relative to the boiler market.

The Viessmann combi boilers are compact and easy to store away as they are tankless. They also run quietly and are adaptable to ambient temperatures meaning that room temperature does not affect the performance of the boiler!

They’re all designed to suit from small to large homes with one bathroom with a price range of between £844 to £6,188. This gives you a great range of choices when selecting a boiler that suits your requirements and your budget.

Check out the table below to see the ranges available:

Viessmann Combi Boiler Range Output Mount/Stand Price Range
Viessmann Vitodens 050-W Combi 29-35kW Wall Mounted £858 – £861
Viessmann Vitodens 100-W Combi 26-35kW Wall Mounted £844 – £1,104
Viessmann Vitodens 200-W Combi 26-35kW Wall Mounted £1,150 – £1,295
Viessmann Vitodens 111-W DHW Storage Combi 26-35kW Wall Mounted £1,518 – £1,632
Viessmann Vitodens 222-F Combi 19 – 35kW Floor Standing £2,474 – £2,606
Viessmann Vitodens 242-F Combi 18 – 26kW Floor Standing £5,985 – £6,188

Each range varies in price and output, it all depends on the model you choose, with each having different heating and hot water capabilities and varying on price.

Each Viessmann combi boiler range comes with at least a 5-year warranty, with some ranges, such as the Vitodens 050-W coming with a 7-year warranty if installed by a Viessmann engineer.

Viessmann System Boiler Prices

The range of system boilers offered by Viessmann is much more suitable for large homes with high hot water demand and more than one bathroom. Every boiler listed here comes with an appealing warranty and rated A for efficiency by SEDBUK energy efficiency ratings.

Due to the increased performance capabilities of these boilers, they do require a hot water storage tank and so can be somewhat more cumbersome than combi boilers, however, cold water storage is not needed in the attic.

Sticking to the Viessmann standard, these boilers are cutting edge and user friendly with an LCD touchscreen interface that allows you to easily have more control over your heating.

They can also be controlled via an app on your smartphone, so you can warm up your home ready for you when you get in!

They’re also highly efficient, featuring a 16:1 modulation ratio meaning ambient temperature has hardly any effect on performance; saving you money on your bills and increasing the lifespan of the boiler itself!

Interested to know where Viessmann ranks compared to the competition? Check out the best boiler brands article and if you want to know how prices compare to other manufacturers, see our complete guide of Worcester Bosch Boiler Prices.

Viessmann System Boiler Range Output Mount/Floor Price Range
Viessmann Vitodens 100-W System 26 – 35kW Wall Mounted £1,013 – £1,094
Viessmann Vitodens 200-W System 19 – 35kW Wall Mounted £1,191 – £1,444

Viessmann Open Vent Boiler Prices

The available Viessmann open vent range is called the Vitodens 100-W Open Vent, with options that range from 13kW up to 35kW outputs. As with the other Viessmann products, they are high performance, run quietly and have a large user friendly LED touchscreen interface.

The unique Viessman corrosion-resistant stainless steel Inox-Radial heat exchanger is what sets Viessmann apart from their competitors. According to SEDBUK, this boiler has an amazing efficiency of 97%, meaning that barely any fuel is wasted during the combustion process as a result of the components used.

What’s more is that this boiler is highly adaptable, being suitable for small, medium or large homes with multiple bathrooms, you just have to choose an option from the range that is right for you!

Viessmann System Boiler Range Output Mount/Floor Price Range
Viessmann Vitodens 100-W Open Vent 13 – 35kW Wall Mounted £794 – £1,358

Considerations When Buying a New Boiler

Before going ahead and purchasing a new boiler, there are certain considerations to keep in mind when doing so. It’s not a small purchase and it’s an appliance that’s going to serve the household for years to come and so it’s worth remembering the following:

Boiler installation costs 

When you buy a new boiler it will need to be installed, whether it’s a floor standing or wall mounted boiler, installation is essential.

It’s never a good idea to try and cut corners and go cheap when it comes to installation and this is because your boiler is going to be connected to your main gas line and so it’s never worth the risk to not have a qualified gas safe engineer.

When it comes to Viessmann, they do offer a service to have their engineers fit the boiler. This is a premium service but it does come with a major benefit. Having a Viessmann engineer fit the boiler grants you an extended warranty.

What size boiler do you need? 

Boiler size is important as it not only depends on the space you have available for the installation but also the boilers heating capabilities. Your home will have certain hot water and heating requirements depending on its size and so you will want to choose a boiler that can keep up with your household usage.

Check out the Viessmann boiler ranges for sizing information on the models within each range to get a better idea of what is best suited to your home!

Efficiency rating of the boiler 

Boilers are rated by their efficiency and the bottom line is how much money they save you in regards to their fuel usage and their capabilities. This comes down to the boilers build quality and the effectiveness of their components.

If you are replacing an older model of the boiler with a modern gas condensing boiler, you are likely to save a good amount on your energy bills on a yearly basis. Efficiency ratings for boilers are ranked from A to G by an industry-standard energy efficiency scheme called SEDBUK.

Price of the boiler itself 

At the end of the day, the most important factor to consider is what you can actually afford, and that’s why it’s great that Viessmann has such a large selection of boilers for you to choose from.

There are many ranges and boiler types, each with a variety of models, all with a superior build quality that you will be certain to find a boiler that not only suits your households needs but suits your budget too!

Viessmann is a reputable brand because they don’t compromise on quality, and when making a purchase, you know that you are going to be getting a huge amount of value out of the Viessmann boiler deals available.

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