Vaillant Boilers Reviews: Are Vaillant Boilers Any Good?

Wading through heaps of online information can be confusing and frustrating when purchasing a new boiler.

In addition, most boiler replacements usually occur when the old boiler breaks down.

Therefore, replacing it can be pretty urgent as no one enjoys a chilly home or cold water showering for very long!

However, research takes time, especially when looking for the best boiler for your home; it is an expensive item that needs to last for many years.

This review aims to take the pain out of your boiler search and provide you with the information you need about Vaillant boilers.

We will look at the types of boilers they offer, their energy efficiency and what’s included in the warranty. Let’s get started!

Vaillant Boiler History

Vaillant boilers have been around for a long time. Founded in 1874 by Johann Vaillant, their legacy in the boiler world spans more than 140 years!

Based in Germany but with a global presence that is second to none, the Vaillant brand is known for its quality engineering.

They are also one of the top three boiler manufacturers alongside Viessmann and Worcester-Bosch.

Furthermore, they are globally recognized as a leader in producing eco-friendly and sustainable boiler solutions.

That’s a big deal in today’s world of ‘being green’ and protecting the environment. It’s also a huge plus for homeowners looking to do their bit towards reducing the impact of global warming.

Is The Vaillant Boiler Energy-Efficient?

While we are on the subject of global warming, let’s take a closer look at the energy efficiency of the Vaillant boiler.

Unfortunately, while Vaillant boilers are seen as efficient systems, they are not as good as their competitors.

Vaillant offers B ratings on most of their boiler range but doesn’t have any with an A rating. The average efficiency rating for a Vaillant boiler is 89.8%.

However, similar boilers supplied to the market by their direct competitors offer an energy efficiency rating of 98%.

This means the B rated Vaillant boiler can be more expensive to run than their A-rated counterparts.

What Type Of Warranty Do You Get?

Purchasing a boiler is an investment for your home. When looking at boilers, most homeowners look for reliability and energy efficiency as a package in their shiny new boiler system.

After all, purchasing a boiler is an investment for your home. As a result, you don’t want to spend your hard-earned money on a boiler that will break down regularly, require replacing in a short time or cost the earth to run.

Thankfully with a Vaillant boiler, you can expect this type of reliability. BUT, as with all technical things, there are sometimes unexpected glitches, so you want to know you are covered in the event of a breakdown or unexpected repair.

Vaillant offers a standard 5-year warranty on their boilers. This is quite extensive but nowhere near as lengthy as other brands that offer warranties between 7 and 15 years.

A shorter warranty period may mean that you need to purchase additional boiler cover to keep your system in tip-top shape for a longer period.

Noise Level Rating

The Vaillant boiler range is both affordable and efficient. However, their popularity comes from the fact that they are very quiet when operating at full capacity.

In fact, they are Quiet Mark accredited, which means they are considered one of the quietest boilers around. Noisy appliances can be irritating and damaging to the ears, especially if the sound is above 85 dB.

However, the Vaillant boiler is a quiet 45dB, meaning it runs quietly and conservatively in the background.

Types Of  Vaillant Boiler

Vaillant is best known for its EcoTec plus line boilers. When selecting the right boiler, it’s best to determine its required usage; for example, a small combi boiler won’t be adequate for a large home with two or more bathrooms.

Vaillant Heat Only Boilers

The Vaillant Heat Only or conventional boiler is suitable for large family homes with multiple bathrooms. They have dual functionality and heat both the home and the hot water in the taps.

The system comprises a cold water storage tank in the loft and a hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard.

However, homeowners should be aware that these boilers can be costly to install and require longer installation times due to the external tanks required.

Vaillant Combi Boilers

The small Vaillant combi boiler is ideal for smaller homes. Instead of a separate tank and hot water cylinder, the system heats water on demand.

As a result, it is less costly to operate and is excellent for homes on a budget. However, water pressure can prove to be lower than with other systems, which can be frustrating if you prefer stronger water pressure in the shower or bath.

Vaillant System Boilers

System boilers have a similar set-up to the conventional boiler. Like the conventional boiler, the system boiler has a hot water cylinder in the airing cupboard.

However, it does not require a cold-water tank in the loft to operate. Instead, it draws its cold-water supply directly from the cold-water mains supply.

These are excellent systems for homes that want high-pressure water supplied to more than one outlet at once.

This means using multiple showers and taps simultaneously is entirely possible, which is excellent for those with larger families who invariably all need to take a shower or bath at the same time!

Vaillant Boilers Pricing

Vaillant Ecotec boiler prices range between £835 and £1430 depending on the type of boiler and model you select.

The most expensive is the Vaillant Heat Only boiler- Ecotec Plus438720, which has a 38kW output.

The prices don’t include installation, as this will be determined according to your property type and the work required to install the system.

Vaillant Boilers Final Thoughts

While Vaillant provides an affordable, super-quiet and eco-ish-friendly boiler solution, they may not be the boiler for you. When searching for your next forever boiler, its best to shop around and compare the following factors:

  • Upfront Costs.
  • Installation Costs.
  • Running Costs.
  • Energy Efficiency Rating.
  • Type of usage.
  • Warranty period.

Happy boiler hunting!

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