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Swale Heating Boiler Prices, Reviews & Deals 2021

If you are looking to replace a boiler in the not-too-distant future, you may have already started to research the market and the range of suppliers available.

There is ample choice of boiler suppliers these days, from large national firms such as British Gas or HomeServe, direct from the manufacturer themselves, via an online-only site or via an independent company.

In this post, we will be discussing Swale Heating, an independent heating company that operates regionally, supplying London, the South East and East Anglia.

Who Are Swale Heating?

Swale Heating was founded in 1972, and have almost half a century’s experience of installing and maintaining heating systems within both in residential and commercial settings, to London and surrounding counties.

Swale provide free estimates and no-obligation quotes for a range of services including new boiler installations, boiler servicing and breakdown call outs, whilst reliably providing impartial advice.

As one of the largest independently owned heating companies, Swale has not ventured from their core values and have focused on their customer service and reputation.

The company have a range of showrooms which offer a physical location for customers to visit with their queries, as well as a telephone contact centre and a range of other communication methods available via their website, between which, Swale are proud to provide a 24/7 service, 365 days a year to provide the best service to their customers.

How Does Swale Heating Work?

As mentioned, there are many ways of getting in touch with Swale Heating to request one of their services.

The easiest method to obtain a free quote for a boiler installation is often via the website where the homeowner or business owner can select the option to get an instant quote by answering a couple of simple questions about the property and current heating system, whilst also providing contact details to be able to view the quote online.

The quote will include a range of options based on the information supplied and will include both the price of the new boiler plus the installation. If the potential customer is happy to continue, they will select the boiler of their choosing and follow the prompts which ask if any other elements are required such as a smart thermostat, then simply select an installation date that is convenient for them.

Payment options will be provided next to place the order, including the option of spreading the cost by using the finance options, (that are provided by Hitachi Personal Finance). If using Finance, a 10% deposit would be required.

If the homeowner or business owner would prefer to discuss the options available rather than using the online platform, they can do so by using the Get a Free Estimate option, answering the relevant questions and a Swale Heating sales representative will call them back to discuss the options, which can include a free property survey to ensure the correct boiler type is chosen for the household requirements.

How Much do Swale Heating Boilers Cost?

Due to the various different boiler types, boiler sizes and makes and models, the cost of a new boiler installation will vary and therefore we cannot provide specific, personalised costs within this article.

However, you can be assured that Swale Heating have a wide selection of top brands of boilers available, whilst also aiming to offer great value boiler installation costs.

As a rough guide, a homeowner could expect to pay between £1,500 to £2,350 for a brand new, top-rated energy efficient boiler, inclusive of installation costs. The actual price provided will also depend on if there are any changes to be made to the current heating system for example; switching boiler types from the current in-situ type, movement of pipes, relocation of the boiler or removal of water tanks.

Swale Heating Payment Options

As briefly mentioned, Swale Heating provide boiler finance options through their supplier, Hitachi Personal Finance.

The option of boiler finance can be really helpful in order to spread the cost of a new boiler installation. There are three methods of payment, as follows:

  • Pay upfront – Pay by using a debit or credit card, cheque or bank transfer. Swale Heating would require a 50% deposit paid before the boiler is installed, and the balance is then due following the installation.
  • Defer payment for a year – This deferral or ‘buy now, pay later option, can be interest-free when paying a 10% deposit upon ordering and settling the balance within 12 months. Should the consumer choose to settle the balance during the year
    there is a £29 exit fee applicable.

Another option is to defer the repayments and then commence monthly repayments to spread the cost of the boiler installation over 120 months/10 years. This option also requires a 10% deposit to be paid upon ordering and 11.9 APR will apply.

  • Utilise the boiler finance without a payment deferred period – For the lowest interest option, the consumer can choose to spread the cost of a new boiler installation over 5 or 10 years. This option also requires a 10% deposit to be paid, and the typical interest rate applicable is 9.9% APR.

There is a minimum credit value of £1,000 to use the boiler finance options and the homeowner would need to meet the terms and affordability criteria set by Hitachi Personal Finance in order to be offered boiler finance.

Swale Heating Reviews

Swale Heating pride themselves on their customer service, evidence of which can be seen via customer feedback and reviews left online. The current Trustpilot rating for Swale Heating is 4.5 out of 5, with over 70% of reviews marked the company as excellent.

The company have a strong reputation and we would recommend Swale Heating to be considered when you are in the market for a new boiler installation.

Swale Heating Summary

In this post, we have taken a closer look at who Swale Heating are, the area of the country that they operate within, their ordering process to arrange a new boiler installation and the payment methods available.

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