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Can A Boiler Explode? Signs of a Overheating Boiler

Can a boiler explode

Not many people would be able to live without their boilers. While these units are expensive to install, they’re essential in the home. Their primary function is to heat the water and home using steam. During the process, pipes and radiators transport the steam and heat. The great thing about boilers is that even though … Read more

How to descale a boiler like a professional (UK Guide)

How to descale your boiler

When we think of limescale, we automatically think of kettles, showers, and bathtubs; however, this mineral deposit is also the silent slayer of boilers. You probably think this is a rather dramatic statement; however, limescale significantly affects boilers in two ways. First, it shortens the boiler’s lifespan, and second, it affects the boiler’s energy efficiency … Read more

Boiler Overheating – Signs, Causes & How to Fix It

Boiler overheating 101

Most property owners worry that their overheating boiler may explode, causing damage and injury. Thankfully modern boilers are equipped with a handy safety feature that kicks in and shuts the boiler down when the boiler becomes overheated. However, while this may seem the answer to your ailing boilers’ worries, it’s far from the solution. An … Read more

What is the age of my boiler? Age Check Guide UK

How old is your boiler

If you ask any homeowner when last they looked at their boiler, you would probably be met with a blank stare. While boilers are responsible for the critical task of keeping our homes warm and toasty, we often neglect them, putting them out of our minds – until they stop working that is. As with … Read more

6 Common Baxi Boiler Problems & How to Fix Them

Baxi Boiler Problems

Baxi boilers are popular in the UK due to their low cost but are also well known for their reliability, however, there are a few common issues that can occur, causing a breakdown. This guide will help to identify the most common five Baxi boiler issues and advise some troubleshooting tips to assist with getting … Read more

10 Common Alpha Boilers Problems: Solutions and Troubleshooting

Common Alpha Boilers Problems

Alpha boilers have a good reputation for reliability however there are a few common issues that can occur, causing a breakdown. Boiler breakdowns seem to have a tendency of always occurring at the most inconvenient time! However, this article will help to identify common Alpha boiler issues along with providing some troubleshooting to help get … Read more

Faulty Boiler Heat Exchanger – Diagnosis, Fix & Costs

Faulty Boiler Heat Exchanger

This guide will run through the common causes of a faulty boiler heat exchanger as well as exploring the next steps to repair or replace the critical boiler part should your boiler be affected. What is a heat exchanger? A heat exchanger is an internal part of the boiler that enables the transfer of heat … Read more

Boiler PCB Faults – Repairs, Costs & More

Boiler PCB Faults

Boilers can shut down for many reasons but if the PCB is the cause a Gas Safety engineer will be needed to confirm the specific concern with the part due to the location of the PCB within the boiler. The engineer will be able to test and diagnose the technical part, making any recommendations for … Read more

How to Reset a Boiler – Step by Step Guide

How to Reset a Boiler

Boilers have an in-built safety mechanism to ‘lockout’ should there be a fault within the system for the safety of both the property and for the protection of the parts inside the boiler. This article will pinpoint common issues that cause a boiler to lockout and the best approach to get the boiler back up … Read more

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