Heatable Review – Are Heatable Review a Scam? 2022

Get a fixed price online in 60 seconds (with installation tomorrow)

Heatable has been heating things up in the central heating industry by changing how you choose and pay for a new boiler installation.

Set up in 2017, Heatable uses modern technology to provide fast, simple, and affordable services, ensuring they complete installations within 24 hours.

Heatable prioritizes excellent services and quality, and you can expect complete transparency throughout the entire experience. This Heatable review will explore why they’re among the best in the boiler industry.

Who Are Heatable?

Heatable is an online boiler installation company that helps you find the best deal for a new boiler and offers hassle-free installation within 24 hours through a fusion of e-commerce, fixed prices, and professional installers.

Heatable aims to provide new boilers for every budget, and it works with and supports over 500 Gas Safe experts across the UK.

They’re locally available no matter where you live and can get you a new boiler installation within hours through their app-connected network of professionals.

Heatable offers a one-stop approach instead of the old-fashioned, time-consuming way of sourcing, buying, and installing a new boiler.

You now have the whole process right at your fingertips, from sourcing quotes to paying for your new boiler and booking an installation date, all with a fixed price guarantee.

How Does Heatable Work?

Heatable makes it quick and easy to select a suitable boiler for your home, get a fixed price quote, purchase it, and have it installed. The journey to get a new boiler installed with Heatable involves the following steps:

Step 1: Answer some quick and easy questions

You’ll need to enter your postal code and answer simple questions about your heating system and property.

The questions are anonymous and include your heating set-up, including what type of boiler you have, its location, the fuel type, how the flue exits your property, and the size and type of your home.

Step 2: Select your boiler

Based on your answers, Heatable will generate a list of recommended boilers for your home.

Heatable works with the leading boiler manufacturers in the UK like Viessmann and Worcester Bosch, so you can rest assured you’re getting a suitable model.

The boilers range from budget to premium, and the quote you get is the final cost, with no added fees or hidden costs.

Step 3: Boiler Installation

You’ll see an on-screen calendar that allows you to choose a suitable installation date.

A local, fully certified, insured Gas Safe engineer will sit your boiler on your selected date. They’ll contact you to confirm your order and introduce themselves after you’ve paid.

The installer will arrive on the morning of your chosen date from 8-10 am, and the installation should take more than a day. If you’re changing the boiler type, the installation can take two days.

Types Of Boilers Installed By Heatable

Heatable allows you to access competitive prices on all types of boilers, from combi and regular to system boilers. They quote, supply, and fit all kinds of LPG and Gas boilers.

Apart from like-for-like replacements, Heatable also provides excellent prices to convert to modern combis if you have older regular or back boiler systems.

Through partnerships with brands like Worcester Bosch, Alpha, and Viessmann, Heatable can offer competitive prices for market-leading boilers.

What Do Customers Say?

Heatable has main received excellent ratings from happy customers across sites like Reviews.co.uk and Trustpilot.

Customers have praised the excellent service and experiences they’ve had with both the office team and the installers.

Most customers rate them for good communication and efficiency in the installation process, terming it a far more accessible and better way to buy new boilers.

Those who were sceptical at the beginning are now believers, terming Heatable as the best place to get a new boiler without a doubt.

What You Get With A Heatable Boiler Installation

The fixed price quote from Heatable includes the new boiler’s cost and complete installation.

Each installation comes with an extended warranty of 5 to 10 years, covering all boiler and flue components, parts, and labour in case of a breakdown.

You’re allowed to choose the boiler installation date at the time of purchase with a 24 hours turnaround in most cases. You can also expect the following with Heatable installations:

  • A chemical system flush to deep clean your boiler and heating system.
  • A magnetic boiler filter that protects your new boiler from unwanted sludge buildup.
  • Flue kit with the necessary safety attachments.
  • New wireless controls and thermostats with the option to upgrade to smart thermostats.
  • Warranty registration with Gas Safe and the manufacturer.
  • Gas pipe upgrades if required.
  • Condense pump and pipe replacements if needed.
  • Removing and safely disposing of your old boiler and materials
  • All-inclusive aftercare where each installation gets an exclusive 12-month workmanship warranty to cover any issues that may crop up.

Heatable Installation Prices

No two installations are the same, and there are many variables involved, so there’s no set figure on how much your boiler installation can cost. You must go through the quotation process to tailor your selection for an exact figure.

However, installing a new boiler with Heatable is guaranteed to be cheaper than buying from a retail outlet or a local installer.

Thanks to unique partnerships with leading brands, modest profit margins, and low overheads, Heatable provides you with a quality and price point combination that’s difficult to match.

To give you a rough estimate, you can expect the lowest all-in price of £1,700 or less if you live in a small house and need nothing more than an essential like-for-like combi boiler replacement.

Heatable even offers a price match system where they can match a genuine like-for-like quote that’s cheaper elsewhere!

Simply enter your requirements and get a free, no-obligation quote in seconds. You don’t even have to pay upfront for a new boiler with Heatable.

They offer buy now pay later plans over 3, 5, or 10 years with 9.9% APR and 0% APR for two-year plans.

Heatable Review Final Thoughts

Heatable allows you to quickly get the most competitive prices for a new boiler to save time and money.

You get to choose, buy, and install a new boiler in a fast and straightforward process that cuts out any middlemen to save you the most money.

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