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Following a boiler breakdown that results in the need for a new boiler, the last thing a homeowner is likely to feel like doing is to shop around comparing different boilers, the installation costs and exploring the additional services that companies can offer.

Meanwhile, everyone appreciates that boilers are not a cheap commodity and therefore homeowners are going to want to be reassured that the quotes obtained are of good value and in line with competitors.

This article will explore a streamlined approach to buying a boiler, from obtaining quick quotes to comparing the boiler quotes effectively and easily.

How to Obtain New Boiler Quotes

These days the process of buying a boiler has been totally modernised over recent years and now can be entirely undertaken online.

There are many companies to obtain boiler quotes easily online either directly from manufacturers, via large heating companies such as British Gas or via online boiler suppliers such as Heatable, Boiler Central or BOXT. However, to save shoppers some leg work, there are boiler comparison websites available to be able to find and compare quotes all in one, easy to use platform.

Such websites enable a user to plug in a few details regarding the boiler requirements, the type of fuel used and the property address of where the new boiler will be installed to order to commence the quote finding process. Next, the details are clarified and passed to local Gas Safe Registered or OFTEC Registered heating engineers who will provide tailored, no-obligation quotes for the boiler installation.

It is highly recommended that a minimum of three quotes are obtained in order to have sufficient information to compare the quotes.

Why Should I Use an Online Boiler Quote Comparison Site?

There is no requirement to use an online boiler quote comparison site, however, there are a handful of benefits of doing so:

  • Less running around and duplication – The quotes can be requested once, without having to approach various companies and repeatedly run through the specification requirements and provide personal information.
  •  You can trust the heating engineers – Websites such as Boiler Guide have undertaken the necessary checks on the heating engineers that they use, ensuring that they are qualified and registered with the necessary body for the fuel type they work with, either the Gas Safe Register or OFTEC register.
  • It’s a free service!

Are the Quotes Provided for Free?

Yes, the quotes from online boiler quote comparison websites are provided free of charge and the customer is under no obligation to proceed.

What is the Best Method of Comparing Boiler Quotes?

Comparing boiler installation quotes can be a challenge as the suppliers providing quotes may be offering different things however, the easiest way to undertake a quote comparison is to strip the quote back to the main elements – If your quote is not broken down to be able to do this, contact the supplier to request an itemised quote.

Of course, the easiest comparison would be if each supplier quote included the same services and same boiler however this is unlikely to happen. Although tailored quotes provided by qualified heating engineers would likely have recommended boilers suitable for your property and household requirements, there are many different types of boilers, and even many models made the same manufacturer for the engineer to recommend. In addition, boilers also come in various sizes too, depending on the power output.

Most heating engineers will only recommend top boiler brands and therefore should further research be needed to compare the makes and models, we would suggest searching for reviews online.

Always remember that the cheapest quote may not always be the best option – watch out for any hidden fees and thoroughly read the terms and conditions.

As briefly mentioned, boiler quote comparison websites would have vetted the qualified heating engineers already, however you are free to check out reviews of their services online in order to assist with making the right decision for you.

Always remember should you also be comparing quotes you have obtained directly with heating engineers, that any installation should be undertaken only by the suitable Gas Safe Registered or OFTEC Registered engineer. Safety and boiler warranties could be compromised should the installation not be undertaken by an appropriately qualified and registered engineer.

What is the Average Cost of a New Boiler and Installation?

Typically, the cost of a new boiler installation is anywhere between £1,500 and £3,000.

The price will vary depending on the type of boiler selected, the make and model of the boiler and if any additional services are opted for including full heating chemical flushes or extended warranties.

Another factor that will increase the cost is if any changes to the heating system are required either to relocate a boiler or switch between boiler types which may involve the removal or installation of water tanks for example.

A new boiler is not cheap and therefore these days many companies offer a range of financing options to help to spread the cost.

Can I Decline all Quotes Received?

Yes, of course! All quotes are provided under a no-obligation guarantee, therefore there is no pressure should you need to undertake further research or if the time is not right to replace your boiler.

If I’d like to Proceed, what is the Process to Getting the Boiler Installed?

Should you decide to proceed with an installation following obtaining quotes via an online boiler quote comparison website, the common process is as follows:

  • Step 1 – Confirm the quote and book an installation date at a time that suits you
  • Step 2 – The Boiler will be installed by a qualified and appropriately registered heating engineer as planned. In order to prepare the property for the installation, the areas should be accessible and clear to enable the engineer to work freely and safely. A typical boiler installation will take between 1-3 days, so make your engineer comfortable with lots of teas and coffees!
  • Step 3 – Once the works are completed and you have been shown how the new system works, any further steps will be explained such as registering the warranty or reviewing any aftercare or servicing packages.

Compare boiler quotes summary

There are many tools available these days to simplify the process of installing a new boiler and removing some of the stress. Online boiler quote comparison websites are one tool that can assist when shopping for a new boiler, arranging free quotes from qualified heating engineers in your area.

The task of choosing between the quotes may be tricky, but we have hopefully provided some tips to help!

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