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British Gas Boilers Prices & Reviews 2022

British Gas Boiler Prices for Combi and System Boilers

British Gas is part of Centrica PLC and supplies energy as well as provide a range of home services. British Gas do not manufacture boilers themselves; they do however install top brand, energy-efficient boilers such as Worcester Bosch, Viessmann, and Glow Worm.

British Gas has a strong reputation, use their own professional Gas Safe engineers to fit the boilers, and can provide financing options, which can be a really helpful way to spread the cost of the boiler, especially if a breakdown comes at an inconvenient time. All of which are strong reasons to get a quote from British Gas for supplying and fitting a new boiler.

British Gas boiler prices review

British Gas install a mix of boiler types. The type of boiler suitable for the property and inhabitant usage requirements may vary and therefore an assessment of the property may be needed.

Combi Boilers

Combi boilers however are often the most popular type of boiler installation. Combi boilers provide both heating and hot water as and when needed, without the requirement for a water tank, and therefore save space.

Combi boilers prices vary depending on the brand chosen and the installation process required, however, a ballpark estimate would be around £1800. Additional costs would need to be considered should the property require modifications to fit a new Combi boiler system such as removal of tanks from a previous system or any changes to the pipework.

System Boilers

Sometimes a property would not meet the requirements of a combi-boiler, due to its size and the number of bathrooms and therefore water demands. In this case, a cylinder system is likely to be needed to store hot water ready for use.

A system boiler is a cylinder system that is an integrated, non-open valve system. It is often recommended for larger properties that suffer from poor water pressure. Obviously, due to the space required for the storage tank, the planning of the system will need to be thought through.

British Gas supply and fit a wide range of system boilers from top brands including Worcester Bosch, Viessmann, Vaillant, and will provide quotes on most boiler models, however, they will often recommend a Worcester Bosch system due to the high performance of the brand.

How to get the best price from British Gas

Once you have completed your boiler research, confirming which type of boiler meets your specification, and the preferred boiler manufacturer and model, we advise that you obtain three quotes for supply and installation.

There are many websites available that can quickly and easily check the requirements of the property and supply a fixed quote for a range of boiler makes and models in just a few minutes, ensuring that you are armed with the knowledge of a range of competitive prices.

British Gas combi boiler Prices from around £1,800…

British Gas may not be the cheapest of installers, however, they can provide other services such as finance options as discussed already, but also maintenance contracts along with other home services. Also, some of the other boiler websites will not supply all boiler manufacturers therefore knowledge of which brand is preferred will be useful.

It is well known that British Gas supply Worcester Bosch combi boilers; high performance, energy-efficient, a top brand of boiler, however, these boilers often come with a higher price tag due to their reputation.

Worcester Bosch has a range of boilers suitable for all requirements such as the Worcester Bosch 440CDi combi for the bigger property, with multiple bathrooms and therefore further demand for hot water, or for a smaller property a recommendation could be the Worcester Bosch Greenstar 25si.

Prices would often be between £2,000 to £3,000 for such models and are driven by the cost of the brand, and as already mentioned, if pipework modifications were needed, these costs would be on top.

What will British Gas charge to Supply and Fit my Chosen Boiler?

Unfortunately, due to the many variables of costing the supply and fitting of a boiler system such as the chosen make and model of the boiler, the fitting requirements such as pipework and tanks, and the amount of labour needed, the prices will be tailored and therefore cannot be specified.

A quote will need to be obtained directly from British Gas once all of the boiler research has been completed.

Why buy from British Gas?

There are lots of benefits from buying a new boiler and its installation from British Gas. The company is large and has a stable reputation with many years of experience within the industry to provide expert advice and professional fitting. British Gas can also help to undertake research for the most appropriate boiler for the property, as well as knowledgeable answering any questions a customer may have from undertaking their own research.

Due to the company’s size, it has many resources at its fingertips such as buying power to stock a range of boilers and many engineers that would be available to fit a new system and be on call should there be any issues with a new system.

As already mentioned, the finance option offered by British Gas is also very helpful to spread the cost of one of the most expensive household purchases.

Another benefit of upgrading an old system is the energy efficiencies that come with modern systems. New technology usually results in cheaper energy bills and in addition, depending on the model specification, the ability to manage the heating system from an app.

British Gas Boiler Prices Final Words

British Gas has many years of experience and is trusted by many customers to supply and install boilers. They can provide a professional, prompt service to get a property warm again by installing a modern heating system.

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