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Boiler Installation Birmingham – Combi Boilers UK

Boiler Installation Birmingham

A new boiler installation is one of the most expensive household expenses that homeowners or landlords can have. New boilers are an essential purchase in order to keep a house warm and provide hot water, and unfortunately the requirement for a new boiler occur between every five and ten years, often with very little notice. … Read more

Boiler Cupboards – how to disguise your boiler in the kitchen UK

How to disguise your kitchen boiler

While an essential piece of equipment, a boiler is not something you would use as a focal feature in any room, never mind the kitchen! Unfortunately, we can’t live without our boilers as that would mean a chilly home and no hot water. How on earth did humanity survive before the invention of the boiler? … Read more

Best Hydrogen Boilers & Hydrogen Ready Boilers

Hydrogen Boilers

As homeowners seek to increase their property’s energy efficiency and yet reduce their carbon footprint, many are seeking alternatives to burning natural gases. When replacing an old boiler for a new, modern boiler, there are many factors to consider including the boiler type, the fuel type and the overall energy efficiency rating, however, in this … Read more

6 Common Baxi Boiler Problems & How to Fix Them

Baxi Boiler Problems

Baxi boilers are popular in the UK due to their low cost but are also well known for their reliability, however, there are a few common issues that can occur, causing a breakdown. This guide will help to identify the most common five Baxi boiler issues and advise some troubleshooting tips to assist with getting … Read more

10 Common Alpha Boilers Problems: Solutions and Troubleshooting

Common Alpha Boilers Problems

Alpha boilers have a good reputation for reliability however there are a few common issues that can occur, causing a breakdown. Boiler breakdowns seem to have a tendency of always occurring at the most inconvenient time! However, this article will help to identify common Alpha boiler issues along with providing some troubleshooting to help get … Read more

British Gas Boilers Prices & Reviews 2022

British Gas Boilers Prices

British Gas Boiler Prices for Combi and System Boilers British Gas is part of Centrica PLC and supplies energy as well as provide a range of home services. British Gas do not manufacture boilers themselves; they do however install top brand, energy-efficient boilers such as Worcester Bosch, Viessmann, and Glow Worm. British Gas has a … Read more

Best Buy Online Boiler Company Reviews

Online Boiler Companies

Which Is The Best Buy Online boiler Company Review When a boiler breakdown occurs and a replacement is needed quickly, a homeowner or landlord may go online in the first instance to undertake research on the best boiler manufacture and which model would be most suitable for a replacement. However, the internet can also provide … Read more

Best Combi Boilers to Buy & Install in 2022

Best Combi Boilers

When you require a new boiler, possibly after an emergency breakdown, the last thing you would want to do is spend ages shopping around to find the best deal. Boilers are often one of the most expensive household purchases, and therefore getting the best quality boiler for your money which is most suitable for your … Read more

10 Best Boiler Brands/Makes of 2022 (UK)

Best Boiler Brands

A new boiler is one of the most expensive household purchases you’re likely to make and therefore making the right choice is essential. Ideally, a new boiler should last at least ten years, have a long warranty and be highly-efficient. There are many brands of boilers available on the market, also offering various models depending … Read more

Worcester Bosch Gas Boiler Prices (2022)

Worcester Bosch Boilers Prices

Efficiency, reliability and affordability, these are three key descriptions that can be placed on Worcester Bosch as one of the leading boiler manufacturers in the UK. This is why when you come to look for a new boiler, their name keeps cropping up everywhere! Their extensive range offers boilers of many types: combi, conventional, system … Read more

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