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Interest-Free Boilers – Boilers on Finance UK Guide

Interest Free Boilers

There’s nothing worse than stepping into the shower to find there’s no hot water. Unfortunately, this realisation is rather swift as you find yourself blasted with ice-cold water! However, as you fiddle with the taps, praying the boiler will kick in and provide the steamy shower you were hoping for, you realise with a sinking … Read more

Back Boiler Removal – Baxi Bermuda Removal Guide

Back boiler removal

Back oiler removal. These three words are most likely to strike fear in the heart of every homeowner- even more so if it is a back boiler that needs removing and replacing. These heating systems are considered the antiques of the central heating system world and thought to be rather dangerous! As the owner of … Read more

Vaillant Boilers Reviews: Are Vaillant Boilers Any Good?

Vaillant Boilers

Wading through heaps of online information can be confusing and frustrating when purchasing a new boiler. In addition, most boiler replacements usually occur when the old boiler breaks down. Therefore, replacing it can be pretty urgent as no one enjoys a chilly home or cold water showering for very long! However, research takes time, especially … Read more

Best Aluminium Radiators – Most Efficient Radiators

Aluminium Radiators

No one stops to think about the material their radiators are made from until the time comes to replace or upgrade them. But that’s not the only reason you possibly have not heard about the aluminium radiator. The truth is that aluminium radiators are a reasonably new concept in the cosy realms of the central … Read more

New Boiler Costs 2022 – Average Boiler Costs UK

New Boiler Costs

It’s time to replace your cranky old boiler – which option do you go for, and how much will you spend? Nobody seems to know the answer as there’s no definitive cost for a new boiler installation. For many, the cost of a new boiler installation can be quite mysterious. Some boilers seem to be … Read more

Combi Boiler Clearance Sale – Over £1,000 Off

Combi Boiler Clearance

Clearance sales are all about the best bargains, and they can help you get the best combi boilers at the lowest prices in the market. Combi boilers are the most popular boilers in the UK, and combi boiler clearance sales can save you thousands of pounds on new boiler costs. Lower prices don’t always mean … Read more

Heatable Review – Are Heatable Review a Scam? 2022

Heatable Review

Heatable has been heating things up in the central heating industry by changing how you choose and pay for a new boiler installation. Set up in 2017, Heatable uses modern technology to provide fast, simple, and affordable services, ensuring they complete installations within 24 hours. Heatable prioritizes excellent services and quality, and you can expect … Read more

Boiler Central Reviews – Are they trustworthy?

Boiler Central Review

Boiler Central are one of the leading online boiler installation companies in the UK. They’re experienced specialists in the boiler industry, having installed thousands of boilers across the country. If you’ve been searching online for a new boiler installation in the UK, there’s a good chance you’ve come across Boiler Central, and it’s not by … Read more

What is a Tundish? & How does it work?

What is a Tundish

If you’ve never heard of a tundish, you’re probably wondering what on earth it is. Is it a dish, or is it something from the esoteric world? No, a tundish has everything to do with a water heating system! If you’re looking for a device to determine if your water heater is releasing water due … Read more

Best System Boilers in 2022

Best System Boilers

Looking for a brand-new system boiler? With so many options available, it could be difficult to find the right one for you. Thankfully, in this guide we’ve narrowed things down to the best budget and best premium system boilers on offer in the UK market. What is a System Boiler? System boilers are well-suited to … Read more

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