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A new boiler installation is one of the most expensive household expenses that homeowners or landlords can have.

New boilers are an essential purchase in order to keep a house warm and provide hot water, and unfortunately the requirement for a new boiler occur between every five and ten years, often with very little notice.

Due to the time pressures of arranging an installation, especially following an emergency breakdown, in order to minimise the time without a working boiler, often extensive research regarding the installation company options as well as boiler products do not take place.

In such a situation a homeowner or landlord can choose a supplier in haste, leaving them open to the risks of the quality of the work being done to a lower standard, or the paperwork to register the boiler not being completed appropriately for example.

Ideally landlords or homeowners require a reputable boiler installation company who can be trusted to do a good job and install trustworthy, reliable products, however finding such a supplier can be tricky.

One of the main benefits of installing a new, modern boiler these days is the energy efficiency of the latest boiler units, that will help reduce the energy used as well as improving the energy efficiency of the property overall.

Energy efficiency is certainly of interest to landlords who legally have to arrange for Energy Performance Certificates, or EPCs for their rental properties, achieving a grade E or above in order to legally lease the property.

People are also being more conscious of the impact their behaviour and choices have on the environment making an eco-friendly choice much more appealing for consumers.

In addition to ensuring competitive pricing and installing a modern energy efficient boiler, a homeowner or landlord would also wish to ensure a smooth transaction where the installation team arrive promptly, are professional, undertake a high level of workmanship, tidy up after themselves, file the paperwork appropriately registering warranties for example, and ensuring that the installation is in a full working order before leaving the property.

The boiler installation market can be overwhelming due to the competition of the number of companies available, therefore we will aim to simplify this and discuss the best companies to install a new boiler within the large city of Birmingham, located within the West Midlands.

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National Boiler Installations

Of course all of the national boiler installation companies serve Birmingham including British Gas, SSE, Worcester Bosch and Homeserve.

Each of these companies may offer slightly different services such as chemical flushes, smart controls or financing options with differing terms, however they will often set very similar pricing in order to remain competitive in this crowded market.

There is some security of using a major national company as often installers are well trained and strict processes are put in place to ensure consistent work, however such companies tend to have large overheads including national advertising and large call centres and therefore the prices offered are usually found to be slightly inflated compared with either local companies or online boiler installation companies.

Local Companies

There is plenty of choice of local boiler installation companies within the city of Birmingham and surrounding areas.

CheckATrade or TrustATrader are both databases that provide a range of vetted and recommended companies within a local area.

However even though the search results have been vetted, there are still significant options with long lists of search results being provided.

The Birmingham branch of Boiler Choice provide a friendly, non-pushy approach enabling customers to answer simple questions regarding their requirements, the property itself and current heating system in order to provide a hassle free quote.

The company aim to make the process of replacing a boiler or installing a new system as simple as possible by using their step by step questions in order to find the most suitable boiler for your home.

Once the wizard has been completed, Boiler Choice recommend a selection of boilers, providing descriptions of the boiler benefits for all types of boilers including combi boilers, standard boilers and system boilers.

The homeowner or landlord can compare the quotes instantly and if acceptable, proceed to book an installation date that’s suitable for them with very little effort.

Boiler Choice provide various methods of contact details in order to chat through quotes or raise any queries, as well as their talk to an engineer option to discuss concerns with experts by using their call back option from their website.

The website is very user-friendly however by providing extra contact methods, potential customers have plenty of choices to get in touch and obtain additional support with their queries or to place an order.

Any installation booked will be undertaken by highly skilled Gas Safe registered engineers, who have all been vetted and will undertake a thorough and professional job, all within one visit in order to minimise disruption to the property and habitants.

The regional branch of Boiler Choice within Birmingham, covers the entire wider area of the metropolitan city, providing professional Gas Safe registered engineers for an array of issues including new installations. Should you have any requirements at all, please do get in touch with the team.

Buying a boiler online

In addition to buying a boiler from a local or national firm, there is also the option of buying a boiler online.

There are a range of online boiler companies these days that offer such a service including Boiler Central, BOXT or Heatable.

Each of the platforms offer a simple question based approach in order to establish the most suitable boiler for the household needs and property type, providing instant quotes that the user can compare.

This simple, modern and convenient process takes the stress out of buying a boiler in a traditional way that would have involved seeing lots of engineers in person in order to obtain quotes taking up valuable time in busy schedules, then researching the proposed makes and models manually.

In addition to the easy method of obtaining quotes, another benefit of using an online boiler installer is the speed that they can offer installation, often as quickly as the next working day.

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Boiler Installs Birmingham Summary

There are many options of organising a new boiler installation these days. Although the big national firms are still available, the market has diversified over recent years providing more competition and therefore more options to potential customers.

Online boiler companies have revolutionised the market, offering a simple, hassle free process of ordering a new boiler via their websites, whether a homeowner decided to use a national online firm such as BOXT or Heatable, or use a company such as Boiler choice.

The convenient process is simple, quick and user friendly, also avoiding any pushy salespeople, traditional linked to the industry.

Also such companies usually offer fixed, transparent pricing plus the option to add on extras such as chemical flushes or smart contracts.

Boiler Choice provide a type of hybrid option with a user-friendly website with a seamless ordering process supported by regional offices and multiple contact methods enabling potential customers to speak to the dedicated team.

The website is extensive, providing information on the range of boilers a blog and other frequently answered questions for any potential customers to browse.

We have an amazing team of boiler experts that cover the entire city and surrounding areas, who can install a new boiler or complete heating system.

We supply all of the most popular and reliable major brands of boilers as well as being on call to react to any emergency breakdowns as required.

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