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Best Settings for your Worcester combi boiler

Best Settings for your Worcester combi boiler

Combination boilers are the most popular type of boilers within the UK, providing both a source of heating and hot water within a property, whilst also saving space as there is no need for a water tank. In addition, Worcester Bosch combi-boilers are also a very popular brand due to the manufacturer being long-established and … Read more

What size hot water cylinder do I need?

Water Storage Cylinder Sizing

Some heating systems require a hot water cylinder in order to store and heat water ready for use, however, if you are planning to install a new heating system, you may be wondering what size cylinder would be appropriate for the property and household usage. We will be exploring the different size cylinders available, their … Read more

Can you get a boiler fitted in your bathroom?

Boiler in the bathroom

Purchasing or renting a property with a boiler within the bathroom may not be as unusual as you might think. In fact, some homeowners or landlords may choose to install a boiler within a bathroom for a range of reasons including saving space within the main residential areas, reducing noise or if no other area … Read more

Combi Boiler Prices UK – A Cost Comparison

Combi Boiler Prices UK

If you know your boiler is on the way out or starting to cost a small fortune in repairs, you may be wondering what the cost of a new model will be. Combi boilers are a popular choice for modern residential properties, due to their small size but high performance and energy efficiency. A new … Read more

Biasi Boiler Prices – Compare Prices & Reviews (2022)


If you are starting to think about replacing your boiler, you may already have undertaken some research into the different boiler manufactures on the market and come across Biasi. In this post, we will explore who Biasi are in further detail including taking a look at their boiler product range and the typical prices. Who … Read more

Ideal Logic Combi 30 Reviews & Prices

Ideal Logic Combi Boilers

Needing a new boiler is not only a costly occurrence but the entire process from research to installation can also seem overwhelming as there are many makes and models of boilers available on the market as well as a range of supplier’s competing for business. In this post,  we are exploring the Ideal Logic Combi … Read more

Swale Heating Boiler Prices, Reviews & Deals 2022

Swale Heating Boiler Prices

If you are looking to replace a boiler in the not-too-distant future, you may have already started to research the market and the range of suppliers available. There is ample choice of boiler suppliers these days, from large national firms such as British Gas or HomeServe, direct from the manufacturer themselves, via an online-only site … Read more

Best Hydrogen Boilers & Hydrogen Ready Boilers

Hydrogen Boilers

As homeowners seek to increase their property’s energy efficiency and yet reduce their carbon footprint, many are seeking alternatives to burning natural gases. When replacing an old boiler for a new, modern boiler, there are many factors to consider including the boiler type, the fuel type and the overall energy efficiency rating, however, in this … Read more

Boiler installation the Loft – Costs, regulations & Cons

Boiler in the loft

Typically, boilers are located within a kitchen or hallway within a property, however, they can take up valuable space and look unsightly which has led people to explore moving boilers elsewhere. If you are considering moving your boiler into the loft or having a new boiler installation situated in a loft space, you may have … Read more

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