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Boiler Ban Upgrade Scheme – What Does it Entail for Homeowners?

Boiler Upgrade Schemes

Attention, ladies and gentlemen, especially those who haven’t heard the news yet! The world is taking responsibility for global warming and the UK is on board. The United Kingdom has pledged (or at least legally agreed) to reach carbon neutrality by 2050! That sounds like excellent news, doesn’t it? And it is, but it also … Read more

Best System Boilers in 2022

Best System Boilers

Looking for a brand-new system boiler? With so many options available, it could be difficult to find the right one for you. Thankfully, in this guide we’ve narrowed things down to the best budget and best premium system boilers on offer in the UK market. What is a System Boiler? System boilers are well-suited to … Read more

Boiler Installation Birmingham – Combi Boilers UK

Boiler Installation Birmingham

A new boiler installation is one of the most expensive household expenses that homeowners or landlords can have. New boilers are an essential purchase in order to keep a house warm and provide hot water, and unfortunately the requirement for a new boiler occur between every five and ten years, often with very little notice. … Read more

Gas Safe Engineer/Boiler Fitter at Heatable

Heatable Logo

Hey, We’re Heatable. We fit boilers, lots of boilers – all over the UK. We’re looking to place installations across the UK to manage the demand following our national TV campaign. You can read all about us here – Customers who purchase replacement boilers from Heatable are looking for quick turn-arounds so we need … Read more

Gas Service & Maintenance Engineers


Leicester City Council Leicester City Council are seeking multi-talented gas service and heating engineers to provide an efficient and effective maintenance service to the council’s properties and other buildings. By undertaking assessments of repairs and maintenance, you will work with colleagues and customers in highlighting health and safety issues, customer care standards and essential works. … Read more

Gas Heating Engineer – Pay, Jobs & Rates UK


We are actively seeking talented gas heating engineers to join our growing trades teams. Salary: £36,429 per annum, plus an enhanced rate for working on a Sunday or a Bank Holiday. Hours: Full time permanent, 40 hours per week covering a Monday to Sunday Rota Location: Within all properties maintained and managed by the Wrekin Housing Group including but not … Read more

How to descale a boiler like a professional (UK Guide)

How to descale your boiler

When we think of limescale, we automatically think of kettles, showers, and bathtubs; however, this mineral deposit is also the silent slayer of boilers. You probably think this is a rather dramatic statement; however, limescale significantly affects boilers in two ways. First, it shortens the boiler’s lifespan, and second, it affects the boiler’s energy efficiency … Read more

Boiler Cupboards – how to disguise your boiler in the kitchen UK

How to disguise your kitchen boiler

While an essential piece of equipment, a boiler is not something you would use as a focal feature in any room, never mind the kitchen! Unfortunately, we can’t live without our boilers as that would mean a chilly home and no hot water. How on earth did humanity survive before the invention of the boiler? … Read more

Boiler Overheating – Signs, Causes & How to Fix It

Boiler overheating 101

Most property owners worry that their overheating boiler may explode, causing damage and injury. Thankfully modern boilers are equipped with a handy safety feature that kicks in and shuts the boiler down when the boiler becomes overheated. However, while this may seem the answer to your ailing boilers’ worries, it’s far from the solution. An … Read more

What is the age of my boiler? Age Check Guide UK

How old is your boiler

If you ask any homeowner when last they looked at their boiler, you would probably be met with a blank stare. While boilers are responsible for the critical task of keeping our homes warm and toasty, we often neglect them, putting them out of our minds – until they stop working that is. As with … Read more

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