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Biasi Boiler Prices – Compare Prices & Reviews (2022)

If you are starting to think about replacing your boiler, you may already have undertaken some research into the different boiler manufactures on the market and come across Biasi.

In this post, we will explore who Biasi are in further detail including taking a look at their boiler product range and the typical prices.

Who is Biasi Boilers?

Biasi is an Italian manufacturing company that was founded in 1938, initially developing residential boilers, with gas fuelled boilers being added to the produce rage in 1986.  Biasi is well known for producing high quality, reliable products and refining its manufacturing processes over its many years of experience.  Biasi exports their products across the world into around 40 counties.

The UK group of the company was formed in 1990 in order to break into the UK market, opening a factory in Walsall, located in the West Midlands. Biasi has since expanded their product range to cover combination, regular and system boilers, unvented cylinders plus radiators and towel rails.

The average price for a Bisai Combination Boiler is typically around £500, inclusive of VAT but excluding installation costs. Biasi boilers do retail at the cheaper end of the price market, being sold at a more affordable price however the products themselves are known for their quality and reliability and are therefore not considered inferior.

Why Choose Biasi for your Boiler Installation?

As we have already discussed, Biasi provides a great cost-effective boiler option, whilst also not compromising on the quality of the product itself, however, there are other benefits of choosing a Biasi also, including:

Energy efficiency

Biasi has a wide range of energy-efficient boilers, with the most efficient available having a 92% efficiency rating.

Power Output

Biasi offers a wide range of boiler sizes, giving the consumer plenty of choice of models depending on the needs of the household.

Simple, Clever Design

All Biasi boilers are compact, space-saving and easy to operate however they also have clever systems included such as built-in frost protection and anti-seizure technology to protect the boiler. Some models are also fitted with fault finding and self-rectifying technology to reduce the likelihood of boiler lock-outs.


Every Biasi boiler is extensively tested before leaving the factory and therefore the consumer can be reassured that the product meets the Biasi specification and industry standards before being released to provide the consumer additional peace of mind.

Warranty Length 

Biasi boilers come with a standard warranty of between 3 and 7 years depending on the chosen model. There is also often the opportunity to increase this warranty duration depending on where the boiler is purchased through.

The warranty is validated once registered within 30 days of an installation only when a Gas Safe registered engineer fits the boiler and annual servicing is maintained.

Biasi Boiler Range

As briefly mentioned, Biasi manufacture a range of boiler types including combination, regular and system boilers, providing the consumer plenty of choice.

Commonly combination and system boilers are most suitable for residential properties, however, choosing between the two options would often boil down to the property and household requirements.  The main differences between the two are as follows:

Combination boilers

Otherwise known as combi boilers provide both heating and hot water instantly, directly off the mains supply without the need for a water tank. Combi boilers can be compact in size and therefore save space, which is especially useful within smaller sized properties.

However, combi boilers do require a certain level of water pressure in order to operate effectively and therefore are usually only recommended for properties with a maximum of 2 bathrooms.  The most popular Biasi combi boiler’s are: the Inovia Combi ErP, the Advance Plus Combi ErP and the Riva Plus Combi ErP.

System boilers

A system boiler is a traditional cylinder system that is best suited for properties for larger sized properties with a higher water demand. System boilers work by heating and then utilising the water within the hot water cylinder in order to supply the property and can effectively supply multiple water outlets within the property at any one time.  The most popular Biasi system boilers are the Inovia System ErP, the Advance Plus System ErP and the Riva Plus System ErP.

Biasi Boiler Prices

As with most ranges, the actual price for a new boiler will vary depending on the boiler type and size required, and also the supplier.  Typically, a compact combination Biasi boiler, such as the Biasi Advance Plus Combi ErP 25kW Gas would cost around £595, and a system boiler model such as the Biasi Advance Plus ErP 25kW System Gas boiler would be in a similar price bracket.

Note that these prices are given as an example and do not include the cost of installing the boiler into a property.  The cost of installation will vary depending on what the current heating system and pipework are in place within the property, plus also there is a slight variation in the cost of installation dependant on the location of the property throughout the country.

In addition, the total price will depend on whether any optional extras are recommended by the Gas Safe registered heating engineer when installing the new boiler such as a chemical flush.  Further options are also available such as extended warranties or boiler insurance policies.

We would recommend obtaining a number of quotes in order to compare prices across the market, before choosing a supplier.

Biasi Boilers Summary

During this article we have explored Biasi boilers further including taking a look at the company’s history, the brand’s current reputation and benefits of selecting a Biasi boiler, as well as discussing the range of boiler’s that Biasi manufacturers and supply.

It is important to arrange the installation of a new boiler system by a Gas Safe registered heating engineer to ensure safety as well as to validate the product warranty.  Should you require any advice as to which boiler would be most suitable for your property, Gas Safe registered heating engineers are also best placed to provide advice.

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