Common Biasi Boiler Faults & How to Fix Them

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Boiler breakdowns always seem to have a tendency of happening at the most inconvenient time, causing a lot of stress!

There are a number of issues that can occur with a Biasi boiler that can cause a fault however this article will review the most common issues as well as providing some troubleshooting to help get fix the issue.

Common Biasi Boiler Issues

Issue 1 – Ignition issues

If the boiler doesn’t fire up, the problem with the ignition is likely to be the cause. There could be a number of issues causing the failed ignition including problems with the fan, a blocked ignition jet caused by a build-up of debris or intermittent gas supply. Often some clues to the cause of the matter will be shown by error codes on the display panel of the boiler as follows:

  • Error code ER 01 represents a burner fault
  • Error code ER 05 signals a fan fault

To identify the root cause further a call out from a specialised Gas Safe engineer will be required, who will be able to carry out an inspection and undertake any tests needed to diagnose the matter. Depending on the concern the price will vary to get the boiler up and running again by replacing parts and charging for the labour to fit them. As a rough guide, if a quote is around £500 or more, it is commonly suggested that a new boiler is fitted instead of repairing the current one.

Issue 2 – No Hot Water

Should your Biasi boiler not be producing hot water, often this can be a sign of a problem with the boiler’s diverter valve. The valve is the component within the boiler that directs the water to where it is needed, and when faulty can result in no hot water, no heating or the boiler trying to heat the radiators when only using the hot water.

Where issues with the diverter valve are assumed, a call out by a Gas Safe engineer is required to investigate the matter further. An engineer would be able to assess if there is simply a blockage caused by a build-up of debris or if the valve is faulty and a replacement is needed. If a replacement is required and the boiler is ageing and out of warranty, it may be worth considering if it is time to replace the boiler.

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Issue 3 – A Red and Green Lights Flashing on the Display Panel

Depending on your model of Biasi boiler, the errors will display in different ways, and therefore it is always worth checking the user manual for the lights displayed for your particular model.

Commonly with Biasi boiler flashing red and green lights represents either a problem with the boiler fan or a fault with the air pressure switch.

The fan undertakes a crucial safety purpose within a boiler by taking the dangerous flue gases away from the property whole the air pressure switch checks that the fan is undertaking this job thoroughly.

When red and green flashing lights are displayed, the first step is to check if the fan is still operating by placing a hand on the boiler unit and checking that there is a slight vibration of the fan running. You should also be able to hear a low-level humming noise when the fan is operating. If the fan is working, this may represent that the air pressure switch is faulty.

A Gas Safe engineer would need to be called out to diagnose the air pressure switch issue, or if there is something more serious such as a faulty printed circuit board or PCB. The PCB is the electronic motherboard of the boiler and as such is a very expensive part to replace. Again, depending on the concern and the value of the quote to repair, it may be more cost-effective to replace the boiler.

Issue 4 – Water Pressure Problems

Low pressure can be identified by the error code ER04 being displayed on the display window of your Biasi boiler.

Pressure issues are common with Biasi boilers and are often caused by a leak within the boiler itself or throughout the heating system pipework, or by an issue with the pump inside the boiler.

Initially, if the pressure is lower than the suggested setting of 1.5 bar, it can be topped up by using the external filling loop. To do this, check the re-pressurising instructions within the boiler’s manual.

This may resolve the issue if it is a one-off matter, however, if the top-up only helps temporarily, undertake a visual check to see if there are any signs of a leak around the boiler unit itself or throughout the pipework.

If a leak is detected, often smaller leaks can be resolved yourself by applying some DIY sealant to the pipework however if there is any doubt in the location or size of the leak, always seek the advice of a specialist engineer to review the boiler and heating system.

If no leak is suspected, there could be an issue with the water circulation which is caused by a fault with the central heating pump. A Gas Safe engineer would be required to check the condition of the pump and establish if it is blocked or is faulty and needs replacing.

Unfortunately, pumps are very expensive parts to replace and therefore the quote would need to be considered against the price of replacing the boiler.

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Issue 5 – Banging Noises

Boilers often make low-level noises when running such as clicking and humming however should the noise level change, it could be a sign that something is wrong.

Banging noises from the boiler can indicate debris within the system that can cause a blocked burner or ignition. A Gas Safe engineer would be needed to identify the cause and explore if clearing any blockages would rectify the matter, or if there are faulty parts that would require replacing.

Biasi Boiler Faults Summary

There are a number of reasons that can cause a Biasi boiler to develop a fault however this article has run through the most common concerns and methods of identifying the matter.

Please remember to always call a qualified heating engineer to confirm the diagnosis and to undertake any repair tasks. Also always bear in mind the age of your current boiler when reviewing the quotes for any works to be undertaken as sometimes a replacement to a modern and energy-efficient boiler could save money in the long run.

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