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When you require a new boiler, possibly after an emergency breakdown, the last thing you would want to do is spend ages shopping around to find the best deal. Boilers are often one of the most expensive household purchases, and therefore getting the best quality boiler for your money which is most suitable for your requirements will be the main objective.

Reliability is also a consideration so that the longest duration of quality usage can be redeemed before having to repeat the installation process again will also be sought, as boilers generally last between 8-10 years.

There are many companies selling combi-boilers, often each offering multiple boiler models and therefore the choice available on the market can be overwhelming.

This article takes you through the process of choosing a combi boiler, ensuring that it is suitable for your requirements and makes our suggestion of the best model per brand.

Which combi boiler is best?

The most suitable type of boiler will often depend on the following elements:

• The type of boiler system that is currently in place, if any
• The size of the property including the number of bathrooms
• The number of inhabitants
• The water pressure available
• The amount of space available for the boiler unit and any relevant tanks

The most common types of boiler are:

• Combination boilers – Often shortened to as combi-boilers provide both heating and hot water without the need for a water tank. Combi boilers can be compact in size and therefore save space, especially in smaller properties.

• System boilers – A system boiler is a traditional cylinder system that is best suited for properties with poor water pressure.

Other types of boilers are available such as back boilers and heat only boilers, however, these are less common these days.

For smaller sized properties, with only 1-2 bathrooms, a combi boiler is often recommended. In bigger properties with more than 2 bathrooms, combi boilers can struggle with water pressure issues when more than one bath or shower is being utilised at the same time, and therefore systems with water storage are often suggested.

If the property either doesn’t have an existing heating system, or you are seeking to move to a different system than is currently installed, it would be worth seeking the advice of a qualified heating engineer to identify the most suitable system and the necessary pipework installations.

Want to know how much a new boiler may cost? Read our complete guide of Worcester Bosch Boiler Prices and Viessmann Boilers Prices.

Best Combi Boiler Brands

We have selected our top three combi boiler brands across the industry by reviewing the following elements;

  • Boiler price ranges and value for money
  • Boiler specifications
  • Energy efficiency ratings
  • Warranty lengths offered by the manufacturer
  • Reliability levels, calculated from the numbers of issues raised with recently fitted boilers
  • The brands’ reputation
  • Previous customer reviews
  • Brands that receive the most industry awards
  • Customer aftercare service performance

1. Viessmann boilers

Viessmann is a German company that has grown in popularity within the UK following their dominancy within the European boiler market.

Viessmann’s high-quality boilers, long warranties and top energy-efficient boilers have enabled the company to build a strong reputation within the UK, beating the company’s rival, Worcester Bosch, to our top place.

The value for money with Viessmann is a huge factor of why this manufacturer has topped our poll of brands, not only the boiler itself but also the efficacy offered.

Viessmann offers a wide range of high-performance boiler models that range in cost between £1,670 and £2,295, including a 10-year warranty.

Out of the models we have reviewed, the Viteoden has taken top place due to the cost-effectiveness by including the flue kit and filters, but also the long warranty, performance and reliability.

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2. Worcester Bosch boilers

Worcester Bosch is a very well-known and long-established brand within the UK, producing quality boilers over many years.

The manufacturer offers a wide selection of boilers covering most boiler types and is trusted by many due to the quality of their boilers as well as the level of aftercare provided to their customers, including offering long warranties.

Worcester Bosch boilers are slightly more expensive than some of their rivals with a typical installation costing between £1,900 to £2,600 including fitting.

The Worcester Bosch boiler model that we would recommend is the Greenstar CDi Classic due to the energy efficiency from reduced wastage of electricity as well as simple design and controls.

3. Vaillant

Vaillant is another top brand that was established in Germany and has grown in popularity across Europe due to the quality of their boilers. This manufacturer pioneered the original combi boilers and have continued to develop their products with a focus on efficiency.

Vaillant have multiple factories both across Europe as well as China and therefore parts are easy to get hold of and pricing wise is slightly on par with their rival Worcester Bosch.

Our chosen Vaillant boiler is the ecoTEC Plus Combi due to the boiler often being rated five stars in reviews. In addition, the high energy efficiency and technology provided makes this model very appealing for modern use by linking with a smart thermostat app allowing you to control your heating system on the go via a phone or tablet.

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Best Boiler Brands Final Words

There are many brands competing for your business within the heating industry. In addition to the boiler itself, an array of additional boiler products and services can be offered to tempt the consumer including extended warranties, installation speed and various financing options.

We have attempted to simplify the crowded market by undertaking extensive reviews of the manufactures’ and have provided our top three brand recommendations including a specific model for each, should you be in the market for a new combination boiler.

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