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Baxi Bermuda Back Boiler Faults & How to Fix Them

Baxi boilers are popular in the UK due to their low cost in comparison with other brands, meanwhile also producing fairly reliable, long-lasting boilers.

The Bermuda back boiler initially launched in 1966 and has since been updated with various different models, however, the open-flued heating system was very popular and therefore many are still in operation these days. However, nowadays Bermuda’s are very outdated, inefficient and obsolete, meaning that replacement parts are sometimes tricky to get hold of.

Although many Baxi Bermuda’s are still in situ, there are a number of common issues that can occur, causing a breakdown.

This guide will help to identify the most common problems with Baxi Bermuda back boilers and provide the next steps in order to get the heating system back up and running again.

While some of the suggestions in this article will help provide an understanding of the problem, it is always highly recommended that a qualified Gas Safe engineer is called if you are having any issues with your Bermuda.

Annual Servicing

Due to Baxi Bermuda’s being an open-flued type of boiler, it is essential that it is serviced annually by a qualified Gas Safe engineer to ensure the safety of the appliance. Open-flued boilers are at higher risk of producing carbon monoxide which is a harmful gas that if inhaled in large quantities can kill. In addition to regular servicing, carbon monoxide alarms should be installed and tested regularly, plus the property with any open-flued system should be kept well ventilated to reduce the risks.

Checking the Air Vent

In the scenario that your boiler locks out, one of the first checks to be undertaken would be to check the air vent. The locking out process is a safety mechanism so that carbon monoxide fumes are not omitted.

It should be a regular habit to check the boiler’s air vent in order to keep it clear from blockages in order to help protect from dangerous gasses being leaked into the living spaces within the property. As above, it is highly recommended that carbon monoxide alarms are set up and tested regularly to protect the household from the risks of dangerous, odourless gas.

Resetting the Pilot Light

Another common problem with boilers is ignition matters. Wear and tear can cause parts to fail including the thermocouple which results in the pilot light going out. Resetting the pilot light is a tricky job however there should be instructions within the boiler’s manual.

If the problem frequently reoccurs it is highly recommended that the matter is escalated to a qualified Gas Safe engineer to undertake tests on the boiler to find the cause of the ignition issue, safely remove any blockages and replace any parts if they are showing signs of failure.

Replacing a Baxi Bermuda Back Boiler

Although your Baxi Bermuda back boiler may have been going strong for many years, there will come a time that it is more economical and safer to replace the boiler.

Unfortunately, replacing a back boiler won’t be a cheap process due to the fact that the boiler is affixed to the wall, however, there are options to decommission the boiler and leave it in situ whilst installing a new boiler elsewhere, installing a new fireplace in the space, or blocking up the wall and redecorating.

However, there are benefits of investing and upgrading to a new, modern boiler system. A new system will not only perform much better with a more efficient boiler, warming the property quickly, but will also use gas more effectively and therefore household energy bills.
Also, a new boiler will also come with a warranty to provide peace of mind that the parts are covered should any breakdowns occur.

It is highly recommended that research is undertaken into which type of boiler will be the most suitable replacement for Bermuda. A qualified Gas Safe engineer can provide expert advice as well as provide a range of quotes for a new installation. In addition, boiler quotes can easily be requested online either directly from manufacturers, via large heating companies such as British Gas or via online boiler suppliers such as Heatable, Boiler Central or BOXT. It is suggested that a minimum of three quotes are obtained in order to have sufficient information to compare suppliers.

Prices will vary depending on a range of factors including:

  • The type of boiler chosen and the changes to the system needed such as to move or install new pipework, or to install new water cylinders.
  • The fuel type required.
  • The size of the boiler needed.
  • If any other services are selected such as chemical flushes, extended warranties or boiler servicing packages.

As a rough guide, a typical new boiler installation will cost anywhere between £1,500 and £3,000. Should you not wish to fund all of this upfront, there are finance options available with many companies.

Baxi Bermuda back boiler problems summary

This guide has provided an insight into common issues with Baxi Bermuda back boiler’s as well as highlighting the dangers of carbon monoxide poisoning from open flue systems.

Even the most reliable, long standing boilers will eventually give up and require replacing.

When considering replacing a back boiler, it may feel overwhelming not only due to the choices available on the market but also, there will be the matter of what to do with the wall where the back boiler was previously installed.

There are plenty of articles online advising the differences between boiler types, best brands to buy and reviews of various boiler models, therefore it is suggested that plenty of research is undertaken in order to ensure that any new boiler is the best one for the household requirements. In addition, there are modern processes available to order a boiler online, book an installation and spread the cost of a new system on finance.

A new system will not only save energy and therefore reduce household energy bills, but would also be considered safer than old open-flue back boilers and therefore the investment will be worth every penny!

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